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More than just a beautiful image. We design experience.

Contrary to the adage “Don’t change yourself to impress someone”, a company needs to keep on impressing your existing users and potential users. Monitoring and improving your experience design regularly has become a necessity.

Components of User Experience Design

Epitomist incorporates design thinking methodology in our experience design process. We make sure that your websites, apps, interfaces, products or services are well designed for every components of UX.

Epitomist - Customer Journey Map

Information Architecture (IA)

Information architecture is one of the most important UX design components to aid users in finding information and solving problems. We design effective information architecture to help you to organize information in an effective way and provide usability and findability for your users.

Interaction Design (IxD)

Interaction design determines how your users and websites, apps, products, or services interact with each other. In IxD, we try to anticipate the behavior and journey of a user from searching and discovering you, using your website to after-sales service to identify potential issues, improvements and opportunities.

Visual Design

We design interfaces that are unique to your brand and yet adhere to conventional design principles. Adopting good design layout and frameworks reduces the learning curve of users to new interfaces. Besides producing the graphical assets, we also create styling guides and design language that you could share with designers to apply on other digital products.


A good usability is part of a good UX. It ensures that your users are able to complete their intended tasks with high effectiveness, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Content Strategy

Our experienced copywriters, designers, and photographers assist you in crafting astounding and relevant contents for your various digital communication channels. Leave the thinking, designing, photo-taking, writing, and the adjustment message length, image size, amount of text all to us!

Why is UX Design important?

It is about your users, not you

It is your users who bring in revenue to you. Therefore,  it is user experience that matters when it comes to design.

More than interface design

While a visually attractive interface design may attract users at first glance, it is a good UX design that make the users come and stay.

It is scientific

We identify user personas, build empathy, create user journey map and conduct user research just to understand your users.

Related Services

Other than the UX design services listed above, Epitomist offers other relevant services as follows:

Persona Building

Persona building is a process where a combination of research methods is used to come up with fictional characters that best represent your users.

User Journey Mapping

Usually done together or after persona building, user journey mapping defines the experience of your users from the start point of interaction to the end point.

Wireframing & Prototyping

A prototype is a simple version of your website, app or product created for concept testing to evaluate the idea, design or features. A wireframe is a low-fidelity prototype.

Information Architecture Evaluation

A good information architecture enables findability for your website or app. Users will be able to locate information effectively and thus increasing the sales conversion.