Design Sprint Service

Discover Issues Solve Problems Brainstorm Ideas Make Decisions in 5 days

Our 5-Day Design Sprint Service is a rapid process to discover and understand the issues, explore the solutions, brainstorm the details, create prototype and conduct testing for a website, app, product, service, etc.

Epitomist - Ideation Workshop


A design sprint is inspired by the design thinking methodology. It is a 5-day process to understand and solve problems within your website, mobile app or product. It can also be used to evaluate a new idea or feature rapidly.

How our design sprint service can help

A design sprint is able to complete what is supposedly a lengthy process within 5 days by involving your relevant teams in the process from Day 1 to Day 5. The ultimate aim is to solve your problem statement and improve your product.


As design sprint is an intensive and time-constrained process, your relevant teams and colleagues should dedicate ample time at least during the first 3 days of the design sprint. The process is fun and thought-provoking.

Process of Design Sprint Service


Day 1: Discover

Through guided discussion, we understand the problem statements from your relevant teams. The problem statements can be to solve existing problems or to evaluate new ideas/features. After this, we identify and select one major problem statement to focus on. 


Day 2: Explore

With a target problem statement to solve in mind, we explore and review the possible solutions. By the end of the day, a solution will be decided and the participant profile required for testing on Day 5 will be finalized. Participant recruitment will start right away.  


Day 3: Brainstorm

After deciding the solution on Day 2, the focus of the day is to brainstorm on the prototype for testing the solution. Details for the prototype from screen to screen will be finalized.


Day 4: Prototype

Prototyping will commence and complete within this day. We produce a high-fidelity prototype that is interactive and clickable to simulate the solution/ features. Research plan and interview scripts for Day 5 will be finalized.


Day 5: Test

On the last day of the design sprint, we conduct usability testing with the participants. During the usability tests, participants will interact with the prototype while being observed. We will gather their feedback and reviews.



After the testing, you will be able to forecast and understand the possible outcome of the solution and the changes that need to be made.

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