Remote UX & Cloud Services

Going Remote Cloud is inevitable

The adoption of remote and cloud solutions in the digital realm is rapidly on the rise following the COVID-19 pandemic. Our remote UX and cloud solutions equip you to navigate uncertain times efficiently while also reducing operational costs.

Epitomist - Remote UX Research

Stay Productive & Competitive

When executed and planned correctly, adopting remote UX and cloud services will enhance your productivity and competitiveness. Our services make sure that your UX operations run smoothly under all circumstances, increase your access to a wider pool of participants for UX research and improve the turnaround time. 

We provide a remote alternative for all our UX research services, including diary studies, heuristic evaluation, IDI, etc. Read our list of research services for more details.

Remote usability testing is our most popular and in-demand remote UX research service. Contact us with your research objectives and requirements to get started.

UX Outsourcing

We provide project-based and time-based UX outsourcing models to suit your business needs. The range of service includes research, design and development. Contact us now for more details.

Google Cloud Partner

We are a Google Cloud Partner and we offer cloud services such as Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) subscription via our brand TechEnabler. Subscribe to Google Workspace online now for a suite of apps such as Google Meet, Google Drive, etc. to enhance your productivity.