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User-friendly, Responsive, SEO-optimized

We adopt a user-centered approach in designing and developing your websites, apps, interfaces, products or services. We want your target users to enjoy the best user experience.

We build experience fast

While adopting a user-centered approach to make sure that your end-products deliver the best user experience for your users, we have implemented AGILE frameworks across Epitomist to speed up the process and significantly reduce the turnaround time and cost.

Epitomist - Scrum Tasking


We try our best to understand and profile your users. All landing pages should easily convey what your website/ app is about, what your users can achieve and why they should stay.


Depending on the nature of your website/ app and your user profile, mobile phones and tablets may potentially take up a high proportion of your website visits. Our design and development are mobile responsive and optimized to cater to your desktop, mobile and tablets users.


When on-page search engine optimization (SEO) is done correctly, search engines such as Google and Bing will help to generate organic traffic to your pages and increase visibility for your business. It will help you to reduce your marketing and advertising costs.

Google Cloud Partner

Epitomist is a Google Cloud Partner and we offer all-in-one comprehensive services from domain registration, domain hosting, web hosting to G Suite and business email subscription.

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Web Design & Development

As a UX agency with development capability, we make sure that your website delivers the best user experience to drive traffic, increase conversion and retain users.

E-Commerce Website

We help companies to build scalable and customized e-commerce websites with the aim to portrait brand identity & uniqueness, attract users and increase sales performance.

Wireframing & Prototyping

A prototype is a simple version of your website, app or product created for concept testing to evaluate the idea, design or features. A wireframe is a low-fidelity prototype.

Content Creation

Our tactful and strategic copywriting and copyediting services ensure that your content is appealing to users, clear, easily understandable and optimized for SEO (online content).