UX Wireframing & Prototyping Service

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We help companies to design and develop wireframe, prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) of website, app or product for testing of concept, feature, functionality, design, etc.

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Prototyping is part of the UX design process of creating visualizations representing the actual website, app or product. We also help companies to produce minimum viable product (MVP).

There are low-fidelity prototypes (wireframes) and high-fidelity prototypes. A low-fidelity prototype is a skeleton without the complete contents and design elements. A high-fidelity prototype is interactive and contains the full design and contents to simulate the final product.

How our wireframing & prototyping service can help

With a prototype, you can conduct user testing, internal testing or experiments and gather feedback on the design flows, features, functionalities, etc. before developing fully functional products.

When to use low-fidelity prototype

A low-fidelity prototype (wireframe) is usually used to visualize or evaluate the high-level functionality, information architecture and process flow during ideation or conceptualization.

When to use high-fidelity prototype

Though a high-fidelity prototype does not possess any functionality of the final product, it contains the full design and is made interactive (clickable) to simulate the process flow. It can be used for testing of all UX design components to gather feedback.

Process of UX Wireframing & Prototyping Service


UI Design Tools

We usually use Adobe XD, Invision and Sketch for wireframing and prototyping. We may also support other tools such as UXPin, Figma, etc. if required by clients.


Output Format

Depending on whether you require a low-fidelity prototype or high-fidelity prototype, the output formats include HTML page, Figma, XD, PSD, AI, Sketch, Invision, JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. 


Completion Time

The completion time will depend on the complexity from screen to screen and the number of screens required.

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