Customer Journey Mapping Service

Visualizing the Customer Experience Customer Experience User Journey

Our customer journey mapping or user journey mapping service helps you gather & visualize the journey of customer experience from before interacting, during the interaction, to after interacting with your product.

Epitomist - Customer Journey Map


Customer journey mapping is the process of defining the process and experience of your personas from the first point of contact, point of conversion to the after-sales relationship. The outcome is a set of journey maps.

How our customer journey mapping service can help

Ideation and requirements gathering are usually time-consuming and daunting, managed by the product owner, project manager or business analyst. We help you to settle it in one day with all relevant stakeholders gathering together to brainstorm in a structured way.

When to use ideation workshop

A journey map combines the inputs from various teams such as marketing, sales, customer service, etc. The visualization of these inputs provides a common understanding and align all your teams on customer process and experience.

Process of Customer Journey Mapping Service


Data Analysis

We collect and analyze all quantitative and qualitative data to form a journey map hypothesis for each persona.


User Research

Actual users or potential users are recruited for user research to validate the hypothesis.



Once the set of journey maps is validated by your management, we will build simple and quality infographics for you to communicate the journey maps across the organization.

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Customer journey mapping is usually done together or after persona building. Persona and customer journey mapping are essential UX tools that every company, brand and business should have.