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Defining your Users Customers Clients

Our persona building service is essential for companies, brands or businesses who want to understand, define and segment their users. It is a key process in UX and is an imperative to creating customer journey maps. 

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Persona is a set of fictional characters representing the users of your website, app, product or service. Each persona will have its identity, needs, experiences, behaviors, motivations, goals, etc. Persona building is the process of building these personas.

How our persona building service can help

With a persona, the design and development team will be able to design a product for the persona based on its profile and needs, instead of building the product based on the team’s preference.

When to use persona building

Persona building is used to better understand your users and make sure that all your teams from design, development to marketing have a common understanding of the users they are creating the product for. 

Process of Persona Building Service


Data Analysis

We collect and analyze all quantitative and qualitative data to form a hypothesis for a range of personas representing your target users.


User Research

Actual users or potential users are recruited for user research to validate the hypothesis and expand the persona’s characteristics.



Once the set of personas is validated by the management, it is important to build simple and easy to understand infographics to communicate the personas across the organization.

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Persona is usually built before customer journey mapping. Persona and customer journey mapping are essential UX tools that every company, brand and business should have.