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Year in Search Singapore: 2019

Observe Engage Listen to Understand your users

Customer Journey Map or User Journey Map is a must-have tool for every marketers and UX designers. In this digital age, it is important to understand the interaction between a user and a brand/ product from touchpoint to the end-to-end journey. This article highlights a few of the major trends affecting Singapore in 2019 as identified by Google. Businesses should review these trends to identify any previously untapped opportunities in the customer journey.

The expectation economy

2020 Year in Search - Expectation Economy

Consumers expect convenience from established top-tier brands. Convenience, which was once referred to as having close proximity for grocery products has risen beyond expectations to include services such as car workshop, dessert place, cafe, and pharmacy. Brands may be losing out for not having a close physical presence.

However, for younger consumers, proximity is no longer enough to satisfy them. A user-friendly and fast-loading app, coupled with fast delivery or low delivery cost is now necessary to meet the demands of younger consumers.

Singapore’s YOY changes in keywords search from year-ended Sep 2018 to year-ended Sep 2019:

Key takeaway

The first touchpoint of your brand may not be associated with the product or service itself at all. Consumers may discover your brand through the accompanying conveniences such as location or free delivery.

Seeking balance

2020 Year in Search - Seeking Balance

The competitive Singaporeans are finally learning to take a deep breath, calm down and look after oneself’s wellbeing.

In 2019, there were spikes in searches on calming down, travel inspirations and mental health concerns. Moreover, searches for “work from home jobs” have also increased by 60%.

Searches on “calm”

Travel idea searches

Mental health concern searches

Value redefined

2020 Year in Search - Value Redefined

If it used to be the case that cheap is preferred, the new norm is that the preference has shifted toward both quality and affordability. Consumers are increasingly combining “cheap and good” when searching for a keyword.

Singaporeans are also becoming more environmentally conscious when purchasing with an increase in keyword searches such as zero waste, guilt-free and sustainable fashion.

Searches combining cheap and good

Environment consciousness searches

Key takeaway

If your brand is engaging a cost-leadership strategy, position yourself as “good yet affordable” instead of just affordable.

Also, start making product or service that is environmental-friendly. You can save the earth!

Information empowerment

2020 Year in Search - Information Empowerment

With an abundant amount of information readily available for all Singaporeans, consumers are spending more time online reading and researching before making any online or offline purchases. From education, electronics, health and beauty products, medical services to financial products, consumers want to make sure that they get the best within the same product category.

Consumers are also leveraging on easy access to information to make a more informed and educated decision when purchasing. Searches on tea tree oil, fish oil, cod liver oil, hyaluronic acid, azelaic acid have seen an increase from 2018 to 2019.

Best in everything

Key takeaway

Consumers in Singapore have easy access to information and they want to know your products down to the most minute detail.

Do not hold back in loading your consumers with more information. They will start to appreciate the details.

Source: Think with Google

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