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We help you to recruit participants for qualitative UX research, user research, consumer research or market research. Our fieldwork services range from recruiting specific profiles, screening suitable candidates to coordinating schedules.

Epitomist - Participant Recruitment


We help companies, brands and research companies in fieldwork support services and in recruiting participants or users for qualitative UX research, market research, user research, consumer research, focus group, interview, usability testing, etc.

How our participant recruitment service can help

Our participant recruitment service is process-oriented to ensure that your research activities run smoothly and fulfill your research objectives. On top of this, we observe data protection regulation such as GDPR and PDPA closely to make sure that our process is compliant and personal information of participants are adequately protected.

Which are the markets we cover

Most major Asian countries and cities, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, etc.

Participant Recruitment Service Process



Upon confirming your required participant profile, participant criteria, country, city and research timeline, we will commence with the recruitment process. 


Screening & Filtering

Qualified participants will need to go through a screening questionnaire before being shortlisted.



We will coordinate and arrange the research schedule with the shortlisted participants. Before the research, reminders will be sent to prevent no-shows.

Start a project

Fill in the contact form below with your project background, country/city, requirements, number of participants required, participant profile & criteria, budget, etc.

Related services

Participant recruitment is part and parcel of user research and user testing activities such as diary studies, focus group discussion, in-depth interview, lab-based usability testing, remote usability testing, etc.