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Diary Studies Service

The most popular longitudinal technique in UX

With our in-house digital diaries platform, we help you to conduct diary studies from research design, participant recruitment, logging, sending reminders to analysis and reporting. 

Diary Studies Q&A

What is Diary Studies

Diary studies is a research method where participants make digital diaries of their activity, experience and emotion over a period of time. It can be used to elicit feedback and experience of interacting with a website, app, product or services over a period of time.

Benefits of Diary Studies

You would probably want your users to continuously use your app or product. While most research methods only capture the participants' feedback and experience during a one to two hours session, diary studies is able to monitor the changes in experience and emotions over an extended period of time.

When To Use Diary Studies

Diary studies is used when there's a need to understand the real-time activity and experience of users in natural settings over a period of time. It is also commonly used to capture and define user journey mapping.

Process of Diary Studies


Research Design

After understanding your research objective, we will help you to design the research activities, draft the participant instruction brief, recruit participants, etc.



We monitor the diaries logging and save you the hassle of reminding participants, motivating participants, verifying the logs, etc.


Analysis and Reporting

We conduct post-study questionnaires and interviews, compile and analyze all the raw data in order to prepare a report for you.

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