Ideation Workshop

Rapidly gather Ideas Requirements Needs

Our 1-day ideation workshop helps your company to effectively and rapidly gather ideas & business requirements from your stakeholders, prioritize and decide the course of action.

Epitomist - Ideation Workshop


Ideation workshop is a one-day workshop designed to gather requirements & ideas for a website, app, product or service’s design and feature. There are 2 types of workshops: workshops for internal stakeholders and workshops for users.

How our ideation workshop service can help

Ideation and requirements gathering are usually time-consuming and daunting, managed by the product owner, project manager or business analyst. We help you to complete it in one day with all relevant stakeholders gathering together to brainstorm in a structured way.

When to use ideation workshop

Thinking of a new design or feature but don’t know where to start? Wanting to gather requirements from your internal stakeholders but face difficulty and resistance? Our one-day workshop helps you to solve these. It is interactive, fun and inspiring.

Process of Ideation Workshop Service


Gather requirements

Learn about the users’ current work processes, needs and requirements. The ultimate aim is to gather as many ideas and requirements as possible. There’s no such thing as a bad idea.



Map and streamline the ideas and requirements. Reach a consensus on the most important requirements to be prioritized.



Develop solutions and frameworks for the ideas and requirements.

Start a project

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Related services

Besides ideation workshop, other research methods that can be used for discovery of ideas include diary studies, ethnographic study, focus group discussion and in-depth interview. These research methods may be conducted on both stakeholders and end-users.