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Our expert heuristic evaluation service or heuristic review service helps you to evaluate the usability of your website, app, product’s interface and the compliance with common UX heuristics.

Epitomist - UX Experts Heuristics Evaluation


Heuristic evaluation is conducted by a panel of UX experts to inspect and examine the usability of a website, app, product or platform. The final output is a report containing the heuristics checklist, usability issues and recommendations.

How our heuristic evaluation service can help

Our heuristic evaluation service provides you with fast, comprehensive and valuable feedback on your interfaces. You will be able to address these issues before conducting user research or usability testing.

When to use heuristic evaluation

Heuristic evaluation may be carried out during any stage of design or development.

Process of Heuristic Evaluation Service



We obtain access to your website, app, product or platform’s prototype or live environment.



Our UX experts will inspect and examine according to common UX heuristics and principles.



We will compile a report for you with the heuristics checklist, usability issues and actionable recommendations.

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Heuristic evaluation is fast and comprehensive and it does not involve the users. Usability testing can be carried out to involve your users in testing your website, app, product or platform.