Co-Creation Workshop Service

Let your users Create Design Think for you

Co-creation workshop or co-creation lab is getting increasingly popular as an interactive research method. Our workshop helps you to involve your users in the creation of designs and features.

Epitomist - Co-Creation Workshop


Co-creation workshop is an interactive and activities-packed workshop where your users are involved to create your website’s, app’s or product’s designs and features. Participants will collaborate in groups to solve problems. Co-creation workshops can also be used for internal stakeholders.

How our co-creation workshop service can help

Co-creation workshop is fast, effective and user-centric. Instead of gathering opinions and feedback (like in-depth interview or focus group discussion), it gathers ideas, prototypes the ideas, and evaluates the prototypes on the spot.

When to use co-creation workshop

Co-creation workshop is used when there are clear and defined problems or ideas that require further exploration with the help of users. If problems or ideas are yet to be determined, an ideation workshop should be conducted instead.

Process of Co-creation Workshop Service


Problem Statement

Define the problem statement to explore and objective, plan the activities, draft the facilitator script and recruit participants representing your user personas.



Start with individual brainstorming and followed by group brainstorming, rapid prototyping and evaluation.



Carefully capture and record the conversations for analysis and reporting.

Start a project

Fill in the contact form below with your project background, country/city, research objective, requirements, participant profile, budget, etc.

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Focus group discussion and in-depth interview are similar to co-creation workshop but less activities-packed in nature.