Development Services

No product can be successful without a clear strategy and skillful execution. While providing web design & development, mobile app design & development services, Epitomist tops it off with robust strategic planning and effective project execution.

Digital Strategy & Planning

When your business operates over multiple digital channels, it is imperative to strategize on what type of users you would like to have on each channel. Besides, each channel possesses unique limitations that require dedicated treatment. For example, a mobile app or mobile browser are constrained by their smaller screen size in which it can be difficult for users to perform some functions over the phone. Also, users may choose to perform certain operations on the go, while some other operations on the desktop computer. Our user research and design activities form part of our strategic planning and execution process.

Web Development & Web Design

As Epitomist advocates a mobile-first strategy, we design and develop responsive corporate websites and portals with mobile screens acting as a foundation, before expanding it to support higher resolution screens like laptops or desktops. We place great attention to minute details throughout the web development process to deliver an epitomized user experience. One example is through the optimization of page loading speed. The following links compare us with industry players on Google Pagespeed: Epitomist, Ogilvy, WPP, Interpublic, Dentsu.

Mobile App Design & Mobile App Development

People interact and spend more time on mobile devices than desktop nowadays. Aligned to your business strategies and needs, we design and develop mobile apps that act as important conduits of information between your most frequent users and your business. We offer development primarily on iOS and Android platforms.

Content Creation & Management

Our experienced copywriters, designers, and photographers assist you in crafting astounding and relevant contents for your various digital communication channels. Leave the thinking, designing, photo-taking, writing, and the adjustment message length, image size, amount of text all to us! Besides, we provide interpretation, translation, and transcription of your content to and from different Asian languages and English.

Social Media Management

Establishing a social media footprint is a necessity in any modern digital marketing strategy. Epitomist assists you in formulating a social media strategy not just to promote products through ads, but also to keep your customers engaged with the original content. Our specialists help you to plan advertising campaigns, create relevant posts, and manage your social media presence.