Usability Testing Promotion Package

Wish to know how well are your products addressing the needs of local users in Asia?  
This rapid usability testing service helps you test and validate your products with real users quickly. Our experienced UX researchers will design & execute the usability tests. All you need to do is let us know which product to test and you will get unbiased feedback in no time.
This promotion is currently only available in Singapore and Bangkok.


Research design and creation of interview script
Research facility
Recruitment of 5 participants of general demographic
Participant incentives
Moderation of tests (up to 1.5 hours per participant)
English-Thai consecutive interpretation (Bangkok only)
Audio and video recordings
A report with findings and recommendations in English
SGD 3,000.00
Optional add-on
Eye-tracking (recordings and findings)
+ SGD 500
Transcripts in English
+ SGD 350
# This promotion is valid for order until 30 June 2019. Quoted price and package inclusions are subjected to change without prior notice.
- Project brief and product brief
- Interface(s) to test (desktop, mobile web, iOS app, Android app etc.)
- Expected date of completion
- Any special requests, for example, specific group of users to test. Special requests may be subjected to additional charges.