UI UX Trends 2019

Read the latest UI trends and UX trends in 2019! The buzzwords for 2019 are UX writing, Viewer Experience (VX) and Voice User Interface (VUI).

UI UX Trend #1:

UX Writing becoming mainstream



The concept of UX writing (or UX editing) was made popular in 2018 when Google and other brands stepped up hiring for UX writer. Just do a simple search for UX writer on Linkedin and you will see a list with thousands of jobs for UX writers. This trend will definitely continue in 2019 and become mainstream once organizations are aware of its importance.

Effective UX writing helps users complete the tasks at hand easily while ensuring a consistent yet creative brand voice. This also applies to chatbots and voice user interfaces (VUI), not just limited to website contents or user guides. Read here for UX writing best practices.


UI UX Trend #2:

VX (Viewer Experience) is the new UX (User Experience)



If the purpose of UX writing is to create a consistent and creative message across all the brand’s contents, VX or Viewer Experience helps to create consistency while maintaining the creativity across all the videos. It brings out the brand story and positioning in the videos, even though each video may serve a different purpose.

Why VX? Why now?

Video is an important aspect of content marketing for story-telling and is gaining momentum as one of the most important tactics in promotional campaigns. By 2019, video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. On top of that, social media videos generate 1200% more shares as compared to both images and text combined. Knowing all these, brands will increasingly adopt video marketing and it only makes sense to create a complete and meaningful brand experience for the users through VX.

VX works exactly like UX. Before creating the video, you must know the audience, the goals, the user journey etc. There are just too many questions to answer! This is the time to employ the same research techniques you use in UX to answer these questions. In the process, you will probably need to create a prototype and test it with the users too.


UI UX Trend #3:

Continuous improvements in Voice User Interface (VUI) as the brand voice



The improvement in Voice User Interface (VUI) enables brands to communicate directly the users. Voice is convenient and fast. It is hands-free, eyes-free, keyboard-free and the learning curve is low. In 2019, expect more breakthrough in VUI as brands continue to enhance the user experience and brand experience over VUI, whether it is for retail, online, in-app or even connected cars.

What is the brand’s voice? How complex should the user journey be? We hope to see more optimizations in these areas.


UI UX Trend #4:

Immersive Image Experience (old but will stay in 2019, too!)



No more carousels, please! We notice fewer carousels or image sliders on websites’ homepage in 2018 and we are confident it will not come back anytime soon.

A good image (maybe with a subtle animation if you like) should be all it takes to showcase your brand.