Bumper Ads Strategy

Bumper ads are available through Google Ads and it is a 6-second unskippable video format designed to maximize reach. It challenges advertisers to make use of 6-second with various bumper ads strategy.

What are bumper ads?

A bumper ad is a 6-second short video format designed for maximizing brand reach and frequency.

  • Videos must be 6 seconds or shorter.
  • They are unskippable. Viewers can’t skip your videos.
  • Due to their short nature, it is especially effective on mobile with viewers watching on the go.
  • Designed to maximize brand reach and brand frequency. However, there are also brands successful in bringing out an introduction to product features during the 6-second video.


How much does a bumper ad cost?

Bumper ads use Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding. Your pay each time your ad is shown 1,000 times. Similar to other campaigns in Google Ads, the cost will vary according to targeting and competitiveness. You can set a daily budget and monitor the traffic closely on daily basis.


Bumper ads strategy

Video Experience or VX is one of the ‘UI UX Trends 2019‘. VX is thought to be the UX to create consistency and deliver good viewing experience for videos. Any strategies for brand videos should follow VX to ensure a consistent yet creative brand voice, including bumper ads. Apart from VX, these are the strategies to follow in creating bumper ads:


  • Do not shorten a long video

It is very tempting to cut a 30-second or 1-minute video into 6-second. It is not only convenient but cost-saving. However, a longer video is usually produced to go deep in product features, product benefits or even brand stories. Cutting short a long video will save costs at the expense of losing its intended purposes.

  • Be striking from the start

Although viewers cannot skip your videos, it is important to capture viewers’ attention from the first scene. Special visuals, celebrity endorsements or creative scenes are effective ways to start a video.

  • Focus on a single message

Stay simple is the keyword! You might think that it is impossible for a 6-second video not to be simple. However, adding too many effects, texts, scenes etc. may cause confusion to your viewers. Below are a few examples of a good bumper ad from Japan:


1. Gusto’s ‘cheese in hamburg’

In this ad, Gusto wants to tell audiences about its hamburg steak with cheese. After viewing this ad, even non-Japanese speaking viewers know that its hamburg is overflowed with cheese and the price. It is striking with enticing visual of food and it serves a simple purpose. 


2. Kao Japan’s mud cleaning soap

This mud cleaning soap is definitely not a common item in our supermarket. We do not know whether it is a common household item in Japan either. However, we have no doubts that this hand-held soap by Kao Japan is used to clean mud and dirt on your clothes before throwing them into the washing machine. In short, this ad successfully presents a short introduction to product feature in just 6 seconds.


3.  Band-Aid’s Bandages for shoe bites

This ad has a very clear targeting and it is pleasant to watch. It reminds audiences of the brand and the product.