Ad blocking usage is up more than 10 percent from last year


Sep 26, 2016

Publisher malaise towards ad blockers doesn’t seem to have lessened consumer appetites for downloading them.

Ad blocking usage jumped 11 percent in the past year, according to a new report from Adobe and anti-ad blocking firm PageFair, bringing the total number to 220 million.

The yearly study is widely cited as the definitive measure of the global ad blocking industry, despite the fact that it seldom holds good news for those who make a living online.

The researchers behind it project an even more pronounced spike next year — up to nearly 300 million total users — given the growing pool of people with internet access in emerging countries.

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On a side note, ironically, One of the world’s most popular ad blockers is now selling ads !?!?


Epitomist’s Opinion

As the number of ad blocking usage increases, advertisers needs to discern on the digital ad networks they partner with. There are still ad networks in the market that distribution ads in pop-ups. As end users, they often irritate us as visitors to a site and dampen our digital experience. While successful delivery of an ad to its target audience is an issue, a brand or ad could also be associated with a negative connotation in the event of successful delivery. Thus, we believe the selecting advertisement networks is one of the key considerations in communications execution.