Design Services

Contrary to the adage “Don’t change yourself to impress someone”, a business needs to keep on impressing anyone who is or may become your customer. At Epitomist, we create designs that exhilarate your customers’ user experience to keep them coming back!

User Experience Design / UX Design

Epitomist incorporates design thinking methodology in our experience design process. We identify user personas and build empathy at the beginning of each design engagement. After which, we conduct user research with users representative of the identified personas to ideate and conceptualize a design suited for everyone. Wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes are usually created and validated through in-depth interviews or co-creation workshops in this phase. We iterate this ideate, conceptualize, design and validate process until the design fulfills the needs and expectations of all personas.

User Interface Design / UI Design

Visual design is a key component of user experience. We design interfaces that are unique to your brand and yet adhere to conventional design principles. Adopting common design layout and frameworks in the design reduces the learning curve of users to new interfaces. Besides producing the graphical assets, we also create styling guides and design language that you could share with designers to apply on other digital products.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Wireframing and prototyping are part and parcel of UX design process. After conceptualizing the visual and interaction designs, we create them to enable visualization of our concepts and also for conducting user research and usability testing.

Wireframes are usually not interactive and produced for receiving quick initial feedback from stakeholders. Prototypes are interactive and often include details to mimic the actual product.

To get a feel for what you can expect from a prototype, you may watch the accompanying video with this fictitious medium fidelity prototype we made with Adobe Experience Design (XD).

Information Architecture

It can be a daunting task for users to locate information on a digital platform with a mountain of information. We provide information architecture design services where we create navigation structures that enable your users to locate information easily. The design process includes performing user research techniques such as card sorting and tree testing to validate the design. The ultimate aim of the process is to provide usability and findability for your users.

User Journey Map / Flow Map

User journey map or flow map provides a visual interpretation of the relationships and touch points between an individual and a digital product. It helps design teams to develop empathy for users and thus always keep in mind the type of users in their design process. We offer services to create personas on top of such maps that may be useful for your product design process.